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Higher Performance, Higher Satisfaction

Best-in-class professionalssuggest and operate the best digital advertising.

Mable's goal

Our goal is to be a performance-oriented media consulting firm that provides advertisers with 'best-of-breed'
with 'minimal cost' based on 'as much' as possible, regardless of advertising media type, including display and search.

Internet advertising specialist media representative
from Media Aid in 2010
Perform advertising execution and effectiveness analysis for large portals and professional sites for a successful online advertising campaign. The advertising area covered by Mable encompasses all online ads, from traditional Internet ads to search ads, including display banner ads, to mobile and video ads.


  • 2017

    1. 01 Selected as an official agency for Google Korea
    2. 06

      Establishment of the PA Platform-Specific Sales Organization Performance Design Team

      Signed Mediamath contract

    3. 09 DA + SA integration specialist team DS team established
  • 2016

    1. 01

      Selected as official Media Rep in the first half of Kakao Marketing Platform

      Selected as an official agency for Google Korea

      Facebook Korea selected as official agency in the first half of 2016

    2. 06

      Tencent and Google DBM advertising agency agreement

    3. 10

      Change of main shareholder, transfer to KT group

  • 2015

    1. 01 Selected as an official Media Rep for Smart Media Rep(SMR) 2015
    2. 03 Selected by Google's global agency 'Google Partners'
    3. 07

      Selection of official Media Rep for kakao marketing platform in second half

      CJ E&M selected the official Media Rep for online video

  • 2014

    1. 01

      Selected as the Official Media Rep of the Kakao Marketing Platform

      Google Korea selected as official agency in 2014

    2. 09 Selected as the official media repa of Kakao Mobile Advertising
    3. 11 Google Korea selected as official agency in 2015
  • 2013

    1. 09 Launched KakaoTalk affiliate advertising platform 'Camptalk for Kakao'
    2. 10 Launched 'AD Screen' for Mable network advertising platform
    3. 11 Selected as official Media Rep of Twitter Korea
  • 2012

    1. 07

      Change of shareholder - Han & Company

      Exclusive sales contract for advertising products with KakaoTalk gift

    2. 08 Contracted exclusive sales of LG U + WiFi advertising products
    3. 10

      Daum Ad @ m and Kakao Talk gift-linked advertising product development

      Mable changed its name to Mable Inc.

    4. 12 Google Korea selected as an official agency in 2013
  • 2011

    1. 05 Launched GRP Forecast 2.0
    2. 12 Achieved orders of 22.7 billion won in the first year of operation
  • 2010

    1. 08 Media Aid Co., Ltd. established

CI Introduction

Primary Logo
It is the most important identity element as the representative image of Mable.